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    Stepper Motor Linear Actuators Customization


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    电动梯形丝杠 - 英制规格

    直线行程/整步 [Inch] 

    类型和丝杠直径 (Inch)
    ML11 ML14 ML17 ML23
    0.188 0.250 0.250 0.313 0.375
    0.00015625 0.0313
    X X

    0.00025000 0.0500 X

    0.00031250 0.0625
    X X
    0.00041670 0.0833

    0.00050000 0.1000 X

    0.00062500 0.1250
    X X

    0.00083300 0.1666

    X X
    0.00100000 0.2000 X

    0.00125000 0.2500
    X X X X
    0.00200000 0.4000 X

    0.00250000 0.5000
    X X X X
    0.00375000 0.7500
    X X

    0.00500000 1.0000

    X X

    电动梯形丝杠 - 公制规格

    直线行程/整步 [mm] 

    导程 [mm]

    类型和丝杠直径 [mm]

    ML11 ML14 ML17 ML23
    4 6 6 8 10
    0.005 1.00 X X X

    0.010 2.00

    X X
    0.015 3.00

    0.020 4.00 X

    0.025 5.00

    0.030 6.00
    X X

    0.040 8.00 X

    0.050 10.0

    0.060 12.0
    X X X
    0.100 20.0

    X X


    • 提高转矩密度
    • 提高效率
    • 旋转螺钉或螺母旋转
    • 尺寸和丝杠可定制
    • 锥形锁的优势

    • 减少噪音

    • 可提供英制/公制版本


    • 医疗设备

    • X-Y工作台

    • 3D打印机

    • HVAC控制阀

    • 移液设备

    • 数控系统

    • 注射泵/流体泵

    Combining cutting edge-motor and lead screw technologies, pre-engineered stepper motor linear actuators deliver compact linear motion to high-precision applications.

    Why Thomson Stepper Motor Linear Actuators?

    Thomson offers three basic configurations – rotating screw (MLS), rotating nut (MLN) and actuator (MLA). The open architecture rotating screw and rotating nut motorized lead screws suit applications where external guidance is present or a high level of design flexibility is required, while the closed assembly of the motorized lead screw actuator is ideal to further simplify the design process and remove requirements for external guidance.

    Customization Options

    Thomson routinely collaborates with original equipment manufacturers globally to solve problems, boost efficiency and enhance the value passed on to their customers. Our technology and application experience can be harnessed to help you go beyond standard products to fit the exact needs on your next product.

    Where Can You Get Started?

    Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process:

    Technical Articles

    • Implementing Anti-Rotational Guidance for Stepper Motor Linear Actuators

      Integrating lead screws with stepper motors is a simple and cost-effective method of getting precise linear motion. But achieving that precision requires anti-rotational guidance, which must either be added externally by the user or designed in by the manufacturer. Determining which option makes sense for you requires an analysis of your need for a guidance system and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. 

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    • Reduce Your Linear Motion Assemblies to a Single Component with Motorized Lead Screw Actuators

      When it comes to specifying linear motion within a machine, system designers have many options from which to choose. Making the right choice can impact the ease of installation, footprint and cost of operation. A common driving mechanism for achieving linear motion is a stepper motor and externally supported lead screw-based assembly. A simpler, easier-to-install approach, however, is to select a drive mechanism with built-in guidance and support, thus removing the need for external components that would normally perform these functions and the complexity that comes with them.

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